Bentley Leather Craft


About Us

Here at Bentley Leather Craft we are committed to creating the finest quality leather goods that we can.  We believe that hand crafted goods are almost always superior to their machine made counterparts and we are always striving to learn new and better techniques.  Quality hand made goods take time and dedication to perfect and we are committed to ensuring our products don't leave us until we are completely satisfied that they are as good as can be.


In the beginning...

Hi, I'm James and I'm the guy behind Bentley Leather Craft.  I started selling my leather goods in June of 2016 after a friend commissioned me to make him a bushcraft knife (yes a knife!).  I'd had a go at making knives before and so this wasn't too much of a problem... the sheath, however, was.  I'd not made a sheath before, (or anything leather based for that matter) so it was with intrepid curiosity that I started studying the art of sheath making and leather working as a craft.  Late nights of YouTube videos and reading through various blog posts online got me to the point where I could, with a few cheap tools from eBay, create a fairly respectable leather sheath.  

No sooner had I made it I was planning more leather based projects.  I realised that once I'd gotten the basics of stitching down everything else was just about cutting out different shapes.  I made a few of the items you see listed here and put them up on an Etsy shop and the rest, as they say, is history!


In September of 2016 I was approached by TOMS® to produce a batch of keyrings for them.  They'd seen my work on Etsy and contacted me through there - I thought it was nice to be asked but I never thought anything would come of it.  A couple months later and I was shackled to my workbench churning out 4000 keyrings for them!  Never did I think I could produce that kind of quantity from my small shop and humble beginnings.




If you have any interest in a wholesale order, whether it is a design you already have or just an idea that you're bouncing around, feel free to get in touch via the contact page and we can discuss all the finer details from there.  Whether its belts or bookmarks, luggage tags or satchels, I'm sure we can find a handmade solution that works for you!